STRENGTHEN FAMILIES:  I want to make sure that no legislation is passed that weakens family bonds.  In fact, I want to put my support behind ideas and legislation that recognizes the family as the institution where decisions should be made concerning children’s education, health care and moral training.

RURAL REPRESENTATION:  Too often legislation is passed with little attention paid to how it’s going to effect rural communities.  I will oppose any policy that doesn’t support and respect the particular needs of the people who choose to live in rural communities like Lamoille County.

COMBAT VERMONT DESPAIR:  Our state is a great state to live in and yet it seems that many Vermonters struggle with despair.  We have lost too many people to suicide, alcoholism and drug overdoses.  I plan to encourage the state government to do all it can to help and support grassroots, community based efforts that deal with these issues.