This week the News and Citizen carried a questionnaire given to me and my opponent.  I appreciated the opportunity to share my answers.  What I did not appreciate was the way the News and Citizen shielded my opponent from the most difficult question, “What qualifies you to be in the Vermont House of Representatives?”

Not only are they not covering this major aspect of the campaign but it seems that my opponent has been leaning on the News and Citizen to hold her hand through the process.  She has refused to be involved in a debate that is not organized by the News and Citizen even though we discussed a very friendly public forum as an alternative. 

When I met Lucy Boyden this summer, I immediately liked her.  We had a pleasant conversation revolving around our common love for horses.  However, other than horses, there was little else we could talk about.  In her young life, she hasn’t experienced the struggles or successes common to most of the people living in Lamoille County.

A young father of two recently told me he would be voting for me.  He said, “A person who wants to legislate should have gone through a certain amount of hardships as an unofficial qualification.  I read on her website that she ‘can be found gardening, kayaking and bicycling.’  I guess if I’d like to find her, I’d have to take a day off work.”  He further commented that her similar comments would not go over well with the families seeking assistance that he has seen going into the Morrisville Family Center.

These are not criticism of her as a person.  These are criticisms of her qualifications to represent the public.  I do not pretend to have answers to all the problems facing our state.  But I do understand the people of Lamoille County.  I ask you, is my opponent a candidate with ideas born from experience?  Does she have the desire and ability to fight for the needs of the everyday people of Lamoille County? 

Shouldn’t Lucy Boyden have been asked the same question the News and Citizen asked other candidates, “How does your life experience shape how you would legislate?” 

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