Many moms ask their reckless children, “If everyone jumped off a cliff would you follow?” “Of course not!” is the answer.  And yet it seems that Vermont Democrats and Progressives are determined to follow California’s proven bad example.

California is shrinking in population. From 2000 to 2020, California had a net loss of 2.6 million people to other states.   San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, tweeted, “The numbers don’t lie.  People are leaving our state because it’s not affordable to live here. One party rule has made it almost impossible to raise a family. It’s time for a change.”  People are also leaving our state.  I personally know of four families who have moved out of Vermont this year.

According to the Hoover Institute at Stanford, it’s not just families who are leaving California. From 2018 – mid-2021 California has seen 265 companies leave for other states.  According to a CNBC report (  Vermont is on a similar path.  Vermont ranks 31st in the country as a business friendly state.  The Tax Foundations “State Business Climate Index” ranks Vermont among the 10 worst states (  It’s a fact that Vermont’s over regulation raises the cost of running a business and reduces overall economic growth.  

Then there is California’s attempt to save the world by pushing its citizens into technologies that are not yet ready for mass utilization.  California state officials have banned the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035 before there is a healthy energy grid and other infrastructure to support them.  As Governor Newsom himself has said, “Our energy grid is being pushed to its max.  The risk of outages is real.”  Vermont’s Climate Council is pushing for the same.

Vermont is already among the ten most expensive states to live in with the fourth highest overall tax rate.

The legislature in Montpelier is turning Vermont into California or worse, complete with higher taxes, more regulation, and higher prices via hurried green energy mandates.

Let’s slow down and use some common sense!  When technologies become affordable and abundant, people will adopt them without government coercion.  If we concentrate on making Vermont a business and family friendly environment everyone will benefit.

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