Wonder why so many people are interested in probiotics?  It’s because a healthy body starts with a healthy gut.  Our guts regulate so many aspects of how the body works that some doctors have gone so far as to call the gut our “second brain.”

A healthy gut needs diverse, beneficial species of gut flora to keep our bodies at peak performance. 

An imbalance and/or lack of the right kind of flora and a person can experience a host of different ailments.  (Constipation, diarrhea, chronic bad breath, memory problems, insomnia and chronic fatigue, just to name a few!)  The simple fact is that the environment of the gut determines how well the rest of the body functions.

Over the last sixty years or so, the one-party rule and policies of Democrat legislators, much like the bad bacteria in the gut, have sorely misused and damaged Vermonters.  The “second brain” in Montpelier is now writing, sponsoring and passing legislation that is causing Vermonters and the state as a whole to not function in healthy ways.  

Just take a minute and go to www.legislature.vermont.gov and look at some of the bills that are introduced!  Do any of these bills substantially help with the lack of housing Vermonters are experiencing?  Do they do anything to help families struggling with the rising cost of living?  Are they focusing as much on our immediate local addiction problems as they are on future global problems?  

Are these commonsense bills based on verifiable data?  Do these bills promote clear thinking and growth?  Do they help us to function, each in our own individual capacity, to the good of the state as a whole?  Obviously, they do not!

Vermont’s government gut flora is out of whack.  A strong dose of Republican/Libertarian probiotic would bring much needed balance and stability.  Let’s get healthy again!

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