He leaned over me and screamed, “People like you have no f***ing right to be heard!”

By now, many of you have heard that I was verbally assaulted and threatened at the Lamoille County Transfer station while attempting to give out free coffee and meet potential constituents.  The details of the incident can be read here.  I will also post a link to an upcoming radio interview about this when the link becomes available.

I never had the chance to answer the man because he kept hovering over me and screaming until he got in his truck and sped away.  I’d like to politely answer him now.

He said, “You f***ing Libertarians have no right to be heard!”  As a Libertarian, I will fight to protect his right to voice his opinions in public without fear of government interference.  No matter how much I may disagree with his opinions, his right to speak is a sacred right.  I would request that respect others’ right speak.

He hates f***ing Republicans like me.  As a Republican, I will fight to protect his right to continue driving his big truck and not force him in to an electric car like our “sister state” California is doing.  I will work to stop the proposed $.17 per gallon carbon tax on the fuel to drive his truck and heat his home.  I will do these things despite the aggressive tactics of the Democrat backed Vermont Climate Council established by House Bill 668.  

He said, “I hate you f***ing Christians spreading your s**t all over.”  As a Christian, I can only assure him that my hope is that in the near future we can learn to live in peace with one another even though we may disagree. 

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