Over the past few years, I have been raising pastured poultry for my family and friends. I have always enjoyed caring for livestock, and tending to pastured meat birds isn’t particularly hard work. All it requires is time and commitment. At the end of eight weeks we spend a long day butchering the birds. We are all rewarded with a healthy meat source for the year.

My life, like that of most people, has been a significant and fulfilling rhythm of work and reward, work and reward. I remember once, years ago, after a long day, I was washing my supper dishes and the thought came to me, “I wonder how many times I’ve washed this bowl?”  It wasn’t a complaint but more like a doxology of sorts, praising God for my work and my many rewards.

I’ve never been one to quit.  Complain, yes. But quit, no. I’m thankful for the work and the rewards in my life.  I’m thankful for the many opportunities I’ve had to serve my family and my community. It is my hope that I have a chance to work for the people of Lamoille County District 3 as their Representative and that they will be rewarded with good government.

Pitre family chickens

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