There’s nothing wrong with discussing current events at a country club over martinis or at winery while sipping a nice red.  But, believe it or not, the Cambridge Transfer Station on Saturday mornings is also a terrific place to find camaraderie and exchange ideas.  In between the grass dumpster and the recycle shop, you’ll find me under my husband’s old Earnhardt tent, drinking coffee and chatting.

Universities, conferences and seminars are great places to learn theories and philosophies, but, at the dump, you learn how those ideas actually impact people.  Inflation?  Seniors are worried about retirement, and young families are worried about paying their bills.  Climate change?  People want to be good stewards of the environment, but they get angry about the extreme and hasty measures being forced on them by the government.  Raising children?  State regulations have made finding childcare almost impossible, and parental involvement in the school is almost criminal while student achievement scores slip below pervious generations’.  Public safety?  People wonder who will protect them if police are not funded and supported.  And they wonder why gun ownership is demonized when all they want to do is protect their families and enjoy the sport of hunting? 

Racism? Morality?  Abortion?  Forget the old adage about not discussing religion and politics because it happens at the dump.  No holds barred there.  Sometimes people are angry, and sometimes people are hopeful.  But, they are always real people dealing with real life.

The Cambridge Transfer Station is now not just a place to bring your trash.  You can bring your ideas and concerns, too.  Come get a free cup of coffee, talk a bit and introduce yourself.  Hopefully, you’ll walk away encouraged.  

Rebecca Pitre chatting at the dump

2 thoughts on “What Are You Doing at the Dump?

  1. Rebecca, please keep the conversation going! Whether intimidated at the dump or at the grocery store, we need to keep sharing the message about balance and common sense for Vermont! It was a pleasure meeting you earlier in the summer. We are in this together for the best reasons: we care about Vermont and our future!
    Bruce Roy
    Candidate for House Representative
    Williston / Chittenden 2

  2. Hi Rebecca, please continue to be available for conversation and discussion at the transfer station, it’s a great place to meet the locals, I remember great conversations there over the years and visiting with Dr.Bland and Libbits Bland and agreeing that sometimes we meet the nicest people at the “dump”.

    Richard Machia

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