Years ago, I attended a public forum at Washington College where the speaker was talking about the importance of saving the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding areas from runoff hazards from harmful farming and industrial practices.  At the end of his talk, I had the opportunity to challenge the mostly young, college educated audience to begin by changing their own habits before demanding that others change theirs.  I shared with them several of the ways in which my family avoided using household chemicals that could seep into the water table.

At the end of the evening a young graduate of environmental law who had known me for quite some time approached me.  He loved what I had said,  but was absolutely shocked because he knew I voted Republican!  It’s as if he thought all Republicans promote ideologies that encourage destruction of the earth and its natural resources. 

So, let me set the record straight.  I’m a Republican who buys organic food and worries about the unknowns of GMO’s.  I’m a Republican, and my first choice for medical care comes from the naturopathic sect of medicine.  I’m a Republican, and I use non-addictive homeopathic remedies like sublingual arnica and kali brichomomium.  I’m a Republican, and I clean my house with white vinegar and essential oils. I’m a Republican, and I make my own kombucha, for goodness sakes!

If any of this resonates with you, and you, like myself, are tired of big government bureaucracies telling you how to live, what to eat and how to manage your land, then please, reach out to me.  My job, when elected, will be to represent YOU and YOUR FREEDOMS.

Rebecca Pitre makes her own kombucha

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