• Your Public Servant

    The Vermont Constitution Article 6 (Officer servants of the people) reads as follows:  That all power being originally inherent consequently derived from the people, therefore, all officers of government, whether legislative or executive, are their trustees and servants; and at all times, in a legal way, accountable to them.

    This article is beautifully and simply written.  No matter your political party, race, religion, worldview or sexuality, government officers are trustees and servants to YOU their constituents.  This is because all power is originally inherent, (inseparably attached or connected), and derived from the people.

    If elected I will be your public servant charged with defending you and protecting YOUR individual rights, regardless of MY personal or religious beliefs.  This is something I take very seriously.  I am not running for State Representative as a career move.  I believe in a citizen run legislature with term limits for all offices.

    You can rest assured I will defend YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS to live however you choose.

    If this resonates with you please join the many others in your district and vote for me on November 8th.

  • Clean Energy?

    Energy is essential for civilization. As we look at the different options for producing energy for our world it becomes clear that there is no such thing as completely “clean energy.” All sources of energy have DIRTY environmental components relating to their manufacturing, fuel source and disposal of their worn out components. To deny this keeps us from finding practical, affordable and multifaceted solutions to our current and future energy needs.

    We all desire that our environment be clean and healthy. However, passing “green” legislation with strict requirements and mandates when there are no workable and proven affordable options in place will prevent Vermonters from obtaining basic needs like owning and heating their homes or traveling to and from work.

    The responsible continued use of fossil fuels and nuclear power should be options considered by the Vermont GWSA Climate Council as well as electric vehicles, solar panels and wind turbines.

    I encourage every Vermonter to read the actual wording of the Global Warming Solutions Act (H688 known as Act 152) 

  • Putnam Endorsement

    Thank you to George Putnam for writing a terrific endorsement post on his blog. I especially appreciate the following excerpt:

    I find that Rebecca brings common sense, compassion, wisdom, and perspective born of life experience to whatever she does. She is a good listener and a good thinker. She will be a valuable and effective representative in Montpelier for the people of Waterville and Cambridge.”

  • Why the Housing Shortage?

    Vermont is in a housing crisis. Everyone admits it but the governor and the legislature can’t seem to work together to solve the problem. Act 250 is over 50 years old. Is it a major part of the problem that needs to be updated? Something needs to be done.

    Affordable middle class housing is an essential part of a healthy community. A community’s wellbeing depends on its workforce and the workforce needs housing. Without new legislation that streamlines building regulations the tourist industry and our entire infrastructure will eventually crumble. Without affordable housing there will be no one to repair the homes already built, no one to work on the road crew, no one to grow our organic food, no wait staff for our restaurants and no young families needing schools. We are already witnessing the beginnings of this in our county.

    I’ve been speaking with local builders trying to get their perspective on the problems behind the housing shortage. One builder put it plain and simple. “If you want more housing you have to allow it to be built. And the supply is limited by the regulations.” Shouldn’t the government be doing everything in its power to assist the builders rather than inhibit them? Does the community need to stop looking at new construction like it is a ruinous blight rather than a sign of flourishing?

    It is estimated that over regulations and the delays it often causes increase the price of a home by twenty-three percent. That additional cost makes most homes unaffordable for the middle class. Sure we need septic and waste water permits. But how much more do we really need? Are we attempting to prioritize Vermont’s natural beauty to the point that no one will be around to appreciate it?

    The housing crisis is a big problem. But until we realize that new construction is a blessing and not a curse we will never solve our shortage.

  • My Opponent’s Lack of Experience

    This week the News and Citizen carried a questionnaire given to me and my opponent.  I appreciated the opportunity to share my answers.  What I did not appreciate was the way the News and Citizen shielded my opponent from the most difficult question, “What qualifies you to be in the Vermont House of Representatives?”

    Not only are they not covering this major aspect of the campaign but it seems that my opponent has been leaning on the News and Citizen to hold her hand through the process.  She has refused to be involved in a debate that is not organized by the News and Citizen even though we discussed a very friendly public forum as an alternative. 

    When I met Lucy Boyden this summer, I immediately liked her.  We had a pleasant conversation revolving around our common love for horses.  However, other than horses, there was little else we could talk about.  In her young life, she hasn’t experienced the struggles or successes common to most of the people living in Lamoille County.

    A young father of two recently told me he would be voting for me.  He said, “A person who wants to legislate should have gone through a certain amount of hardships as an unofficial qualification.  I read on her website that she ‘can be found gardening, kayaking and bicycling.’  I guess if I’d like to find her, I’d have to take a day off work.”  He further commented that her similar comments would not go over well with the families seeking assistance that he has seen going into the Morrisville Family Center.

    These are not criticism of her as a person.  These are criticisms of her qualifications to represent the public.  I do not pretend to have answers to all the problems facing our state.  But I do understand the people of Lamoille County.  I ask you, is my opponent a candidate with ideas born from experience?  Does she have the desire and ability to fight for the needs of the everyday people of Lamoille County? 

    Shouldn’t Lucy Boyden have been asked the same question the News and Citizen asked other candidates, “How does your life experience shape how you would legislate?” 

  • While California Jumps Off a Cliff Should Vermont Follow?

    Many moms ask their reckless children, “If everyone jumped off a cliff would you follow?” “Of course not!” is the answer.  And yet it seems that Vermont Democrats and Progressives are determined to follow California’s proven bad example.

    California is shrinking in population. From 2000 to 2020, California had a net loss of 2.6 million people to other states.   San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, tweeted, “The numbers don’t lie.  People are leaving our state because it’s not affordable to live here. One party rule has made it almost impossible to raise a family. It’s time for a change.”  People are also leaving our state.  I personally know of four families who have moved out of Vermont this year.

    According to the Hoover Institute at Stanford, it’s not just families who are leaving California. From 2018 – mid-2021 California has seen 265 companies leave for other states.  According to a CNBC report (https://www.cnbc.com/2022/07/13/americas-top-states-for-business-2022-the-full-rankings.html).  Vermont is on a similar path.  Vermont ranks 31st in the country as a business friendly state.  The Tax Foundations “State Business Climate Index” ranks Vermont among the 10 worst states (https://taxfoundation.org/2022-state-business-tax-climate-index/).  It’s a fact that Vermont’s over regulation raises the cost of running a business and reduces overall economic growth.  

    Then there is California’s attempt to save the world by pushing its citizens into technologies that are not yet ready for mass utilization.  California state officials have banned the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035 before there is a healthy energy grid and other infrastructure to support them.  As Governor Newsom himself has said, “Our energy grid is being pushed to its max.  The risk of outages is real.”  Vermont’s Climate Council is pushing for the same.

    Vermont is already among the ten most expensive states to live in with the fourth highest overall tax rate. https://wallethub.com/edu/states-with-highest-lowest-tax-burden/20494

    The legislature in Montpelier is turning Vermont into California or worse, complete with higher taxes, more regulation, and higher prices via hurried green energy mandates.

    Let’s slow down and use some common sense!  When technologies become affordable and abundant, people will adopt them without government coercion.  If we concentrate on making Vermont a business and family friendly environment everyone will benefit.

  • We Need A Good Dose of Republican/Libertarian Probiotics!

    Wonder why so many people are interested in probiotics?  It’s because a healthy body starts with a healthy gut.  Our guts regulate so many aspects of how the body works that some doctors have gone so far as to call the gut our “second brain.”

    A healthy gut needs diverse, beneficial species of gut flora to keep our bodies at peak performance. 

    An imbalance and/or lack of the right kind of flora and a person can experience a host of different ailments.  (Constipation, diarrhea, chronic bad breath, memory problems, insomnia and chronic fatigue, just to name a few!)  The simple fact is that the environment of the gut determines how well the rest of the body functions.

    Over the last sixty years or so, the one-party rule and policies of Democrat legislators, much like the bad bacteria in the gut, have sorely misused and damaged Vermonters.  The “second brain” in Montpelier is now writing, sponsoring and passing legislation that is causing Vermonters and the state as a whole to not function in healthy ways.  

    Just take a minute and go to www.legislature.vermont.gov and look at some of the bills that are introduced!  Do any of these bills substantially help with the lack of housing Vermonters are experiencing?  Do they do anything to help families struggling with the rising cost of living?  Are they focusing as much on our immediate local addiction problems as they are on future global problems?  

    Are these commonsense bills based on verifiable data?  Do these bills promote clear thinking and growth?  Do they help us to function, each in our own individual capacity, to the good of the state as a whole?  Obviously, they do not!

    Vermont’s government gut flora is out of whack.  A strong dose of Republican/Libertarian probiotic would bring much needed balance and stability.  Let’s get healthy again!

  • The Drag Queen Story Hour Distraction

    What led to a man approaching me in an angry and threatening way while I was campaigning?  Lies and accusations posted on social media surrounding my written opposition to Drag Queen Story Hour at my local library.

    On September 22, 2017 I posted the following on Front Porch Forum:  “Drag Queen Story Hour is an atrocity that is spreading across the country. Do not be fooled into thinking that this is a healthy or wholesome type of entertainment for children. Confusing children in this way is nothing short of child abuse. These drag queens have a hidden agenda to further their social and political views and they are using children all across our country to do so.”

    Five years later several posts like the following began to appear on Front Porch Forum in response:This is the kind of baseless accusation and mischaracterization that has been lobbed against the LGBTQ+ community for decades. This is the kind of virulent homophobia that has been used to justify violence against people in the LGBTQ+ community.

    My response was:  “My public disapproval of DQSH, is in no way a basis for false accusations concerning my views on any sect of our society or on my ability to legislate in an unbiased manner.”

    But the online accusations continued.  And people’s hatred and anger were inflamed.

    Since my post in 2017 I have discovered other diverse voices sounding this same alarm.

    The Women’s Liberation Front:  “Drag is adult entertainment with heavy doses of sexism.  Drag is adult entertainment, and even when aimed at audiences of children in Drag Queen Story Hour events, drag queens typically display a highly sexualized dress and behavior.” https://womensliberationfront.org/news/feminist-objections-to-drag-queen-story-hour

    Gays Against Groomers: “Gays Against Groomers is a coalition of gay people who oppose the recent trend of indoctrinating, sexualizing and medicalizing children under the guise of LGBTQIA+.  Our community that once preached love and acceptance of others has been hijacked by radical activist who are now pushing extreme concepts onto society specifically targeting children in recent years… Gays Against Groomers directly opposes the sexualization and indoctrination of children. This includes drag queen story hours, drag shows involving children, the transitioning and medicalization of minors and gender theory being taught in the classroom.” https://www.gaysagainstgroomers.com/about

    Drag performer Kitty Demure: “To me, drag is adult entertainment.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVqSiN4qr_4

    Lamoille County families with young children are facing some difficult issues.  How will they afford the burdensome $.17 per gallon tax the Democrats are ready to reintroduce as soon as they get back to Montpelier?  How can these families find affordable housing in our area when government regulations keep stopping progress?  And what can be done to make their schools safe?

    Drag Queen Story Hour is not an issue that requires my attention as a legislator.  My goal as your Representative will be to help create a safe, affordable Vermont that attracts and keeps our young families.

  • He Leaned Over Me and Screamed

    He leaned over me and screamed, “People like you have no f***ing right to be heard!”

    By now, many of you have heard that I was verbally assaulted and threatened at the Lamoille County Transfer station while attempting to give out free coffee and meet potential constituents.  The details of the incident can be read here.  I will also post a link to an upcoming radio interview about this when the link becomes available.

    I never had the chance to answer the man because he kept hovering over me and screaming until he got in his truck and sped away.  I’d like to politely answer him now.

    He said, “You f***ing Libertarians have no right to be heard!”  As a Libertarian, I will fight to protect his right to voice his opinions in public without fear of government interference.  No matter how much I may disagree with his opinions, his right to speak is a sacred right.  I would request that respect others’ right speak.

    He hates f***ing Republicans like me.  As a Republican, I will fight to protect his right to continue driving his big truck and not force him in to an electric car like our “sister state” California is doing.  I will work to stop the proposed $.17 per gallon carbon tax on the fuel to drive his truck and heat his home.  I will do these things despite the aggressive tactics of the Democrat backed Vermont Climate Council established by House Bill 668.  

    He said, “I hate you f***ing Christians spreading your s**t all over.”  As a Christian, I can only assure him that my hope is that in the near future we can learn to live in peace with one another even though we may disagree. 

  • Butchering Chickens: Work and Reward

    Over the past few years, I have been raising pastured poultry for my family and friends. I have always enjoyed caring for livestock, and tending to pastured meat birds isn’t particularly hard work. All it requires is time and commitment. At the end of eight weeks we spend a long day butchering the birds. We are all rewarded with a healthy meat source for the year.

    My life, like that of most people, has been a significant and fulfilling rhythm of work and reward, work and reward. I remember once, years ago, after a long day, I was washing my supper dishes and the thought came to me, “I wonder how many times I’ve washed this bowl?”  It wasn’t a complaint but more like a doxology of sorts, praising God for my work and my many rewards.

    I’ve never been one to quit.  Complain, yes. But quit, no. I’m thankful for the work and the rewards in my life.  I’m thankful for the many opportunities I’ve had to serve my family and my community. It is my hope that I have a chance to work for the people of Lamoille County District 3 as their Representative and that they will be rewarded with good government.

    Pitre family chickens